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Camels in Israel

Glorious Camel Rides In Israel In The Negev Desert

Enjoying a camel ride in Israel is an amazing way to explore the beauty of the Negev Desert. The experience is unique and will become the fondest of memories. You will experience an authentic desert setting and there are numerous camel farms offering rides. The camels are friendly, the ride is safe and the experience is unforgettable.

Camels in Israel are an important part of the history of the Negev Desert. This was especially true when the animals were used for transport during the Nabataean period. Precious goods and spices were transported from Yemen to the Mediterranean port by camels.

When you cross the Negev Desert you will see an entire network of rest stops and town. These were created at intervals of 35 km. This is the farthest distance a camel can ride per day with a full load. A complex support and communication network was developed by the Nabateans based entirely on the camel. The Negev and Bedouins were nomadic people by tradition. Camels have always been an important part of their daily lives.

Numerous ranches located in the Negev Desert make camel rides in Israel a sensational opportunity. Your tour should be given by a ranch with experience and a good reputation. You can choose different types of experiences including tours lasting half a day, one or two hours or longer. The rides in the menage are incredible. You can visit the cities the Nabataean’s built to support their network of transportation or see the historical Nabataean routes.

One of your choices is the Negev Camel Ranch. This is actually a working farm that trains and breeds camels. It has the biggest herd throughout Israel. The ranch additionally develops saddles for camels used across the globe. Taking a trip to Israel is enhanced by spending some time in the Negev Desert on a camel.