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Dead Sea Mud

For centuries, women have traveled all over the world to Israel's Dead Sea for the ultimate skin care treatments. Dead Sea mud has been one of the most effective in treating and clarifying the skin to make it glow and feel soft, clear, and young again. This article will describe the benefits that Dead Sea mud has to offer for your skin.

Mineral & Vitamins

Dead Sea mud contains particularly high levels of minerals and vitamins like magnesium, potassium, calcium, boron, iron, and strontium. All of these minerals and vitamins are naturally packed into one skin product that are difficult to find anywhere else. The Dead Sea contains 26 minerals, 12 of these minerals are not found anywhere else in the world.


There are so many benefits Dead Sea skin care has to offer. A Dead Sea mud mask can help remove harmful toxins from your skin and dangerous pollutants from your pores. The minerals in the mud can relax muscles, ease pain, and restore a healthier being. Many cancer patients use Dead Sea mud to help ease their pain and remove harmful toxins from chemotherapy treatments. Along with smoother, healthier skin, Dead Sea mud can also treat psoriasis and extreme dry skin and irritation. Dead Sea mud can balance the moisture in your skin and regenerate skin cells at a faster rate for smoother, younger skin.

Dead Sea Products

There are many Dead Sea skin care products to choose from. The most popular products are the mud masks, facial creams, wrinkle creams, mud scrubs, face serums, and eye treatments. Dead Sea body treatments are also excellent and provide the same benefits as the facial mud masks. Dead Sea body wraps can help remove toxins and rejuvenate skin on any part of your body. Not only can your body and face have the benefits of the Dead Sea, but there are also hair treatments to choose from that can help moisturize dry hair and make it soft and healthy again.

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