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Desert tours in israel

Considering a Desert Tour in Israel?

Are you considering a vacation at a far-away destination? How about taking a few desert tours in Israel? There are many locations to visit; it might be a hard choice to make!

Desert Tours in Israel

What are some of the most popular desert tours in Israel? There are 4×4 and Jeep tours from Jerusalem to the Judean desert, St. George Monastery, Nahal Prat or Wadi Kelt. You might choose to visit Timna Valley Park, a nature reserve with natural sandstone formations. How about a visit to the IDF Air Force Museum located just west of the Negev city of Beersheva on the Hatzerim Air Force Base? Maybe, you would rather trek across the desert to the City of Petra in Jordan about 43 miles from Negev. It's an amazing caravan city that was built by ancient Nabateans during the 1st century.

Something a Bit Less Dry

If you're into something a little less dry, there is always diving and snorkeling at Dolphin Reef Beach in Dolphin Reef Eilat or a visit to the Underwater Observation Marine Park at Eilat Underwater Observatory. Visitors can descend a staircase into a glass room below the Red Sea. Additionally, the Coral Beach Nature Reserve just south of Eilat offers snorkeling and scuba diving.

A Visit to the Mountain

Near the Dead Sea sits the mountain fortress of Masada. Tourists can ascend to the top either by walking up the Snake Path or grabbing the cable car. In the north of Israel is Golan Heights. In the spring hikers can enjoy the blooming flowers and green fields. In the winter visitors can enjoy skiing at Herman Mountain.

Museums Anyone?

If you prefer an interactive experience, the Palmach Museum in Ramat Gan and the Herzl Museum both offers interesting experiences.