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masada national park

Masada is a name that evokes ancient history. Site of a famous act of defiance, Masada is a historic place for all peoples as well as Jews. The ancient fortress in today located in southern Israel’s modern Judean Desert. Those in search of Masada national park will find it is situated on a massive plateau that overlooks the Dead Sea. A trip to this part of the country is a great way to get in touch with your roots and see a part of Israel has been etched in world history for centuries. Traveling to the park is a great thing to do as part of Bar Mitzvah celebration or just when traveling across Israel and seeing the sights here. The historical area comes alive right in front of you.

It's easier than ever to get to Masada national park. This area in the desert has been highly developed in order to make possible for people to get here from many other areas in Israel. The area has also been developed in order to provide travelers with many ways of getting up the mountain even if they have mobility issues. When traveling here for tours and views, there's a cable car that makes the trip less stressful and even more special. There's also a long and winding path that climbs up to the fortifications. This area was built as part of the history of Masada at 30 B.C.

King Herod's Palace

When taking desert tour, attractions include King Herod's Palace. This is a special place in Israel that sprawls over three well kept rock terraces. It also includes a Roman-style bathhouse that has beautiful mosaic floors that were made centuries ago solely for the use of the king. This area is still present today and has been fully preserved. It's easy to walk around the palace and see the views that the ancients saw so long ago. Views extend from the top of the mountain across much of the area including the nearby Dead Sea.

Other Places of Interest

Another attraction of Masada is the museum here. Any visitor will understand the area better once they understand the kind of things they are seeing right in front of their eyes. To that end there's The Masada Museum. This museum is both modern and yet one that offers a great deal of history for those who wish to know about Masada then and now. Travelers can explore all kinds of varied archaeological exhibits that are dedicated to demonstrating the techniques that scientists have been using to understand the area better. There are also many kinds of recreations of classic historical scenes that help show off what life was like back then when Masada was used by the local Jewish population. Such exhibits help travelers fully appreciate what lies in front of them as they walk across Masada. In short, the national park is a great area to explore in Israel.


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