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Support for Israel

For almost seventy years, Israel has served as a home and a shelter for many of the Jewish people. Since then Israel has been the epicenter of not only the world's Jewish population, but Jewish culture and theology as well. However, the nation has unfortunately been plagued by poverty as well. For those wanting to give support for Israel, this charity is a great way to contribute to the cause. This non profit group provides many fantastic services for the people of Israel.

This is a non-profit group dedicated to providing support for Israel. It accomplishes this in many different ways. In addition to giving support for the Israeli population in general, it provides special assistance for the survivors of the Holocaust. The group provides nutritional help for poor families, including Jewish Holiday meals for the poor, which are extremely culturally and spiritually important to these families. The group also provides youth activities for children in need and many other important services as well.

Israel, unfortunately has the highest poverty rate of any nation in the OECD, at about twenty-one percent. For the hundreds of thousands of children and their families who live under the poverty line in Israel, the services provided by groups like this one are not only invaluable, but are essential.

Donations can help not only the poor, but the entire nation of Israel. By helping to lift up the Israelis most in need, this organization helps lift up the entire nation of Israel. Giving assistance to the poor puts them in better positions to contribute to and strengthen their society.

For those who can't afford to give a lot, even smaller donations can make a big difference. Every dollar counts and helps this group provide support for Israel.