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Day Tours in Barcelona

Day Tours in Barcelona

Barcelona Spain is an incredible destination with several interesting attractions for visitors to explore. The following are a few sites travelers can enjoy while taking day tours in Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia Church

Visitors shouldn't miss this magnificent architectural structure when enjoying day tours in Barcelona. This is one of Spain's most famous and visited attractions. Day tours in Barcelona can cover not only exploring the outside, but the gorgeous interior of this amazing basilica.

The Magic Fountain

Day tours in Barcelona would not be complete without visiting this incredible show of light, music and water. There are amazing fountain shows at various times throughout the year. Christmas and New Year's features some of the most spectacular shows.

Park Guell – Modernist Park

Not only are there stunning views to the city in this area of Barcelona, but incredible architecture to enjoy. Located on Carmelo Hill, tourists can take in the colorful designs as well as visit the Gaudi House Museum.

The Picasso Museum

Over 4,000 works by this world famous painter are featured in the Picasso Museum. Professional guides can give tourists accurate information about this artist and his many works. Day tours in Barcelona would not be complete without visiting this museum.

Tibidabo Hill

Of all the day tours in Barcelona, this is one the entire family will enjoy, including small children. Travelers should make sure to take the tram while journeying to the top to be able to enjoy the sites along the way. There is also an amusement park near the top that is open during the summer months.

These five attractions are must-sees when visiting Barcelona. A variety of day tours in Barcelona will give visitors the opportunity to explore these beautiful attractions.


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