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Private Tours in Barcelona

If you’re visiting Barcelona, one of the best ways to see the city is through private tours in Barcelona. There are many places to visit, including: Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudí, Ramblas, Poble Espanyol, Picasso Museum, and Park Güell.

Sagrada Familia by Antonio Gaudi is Barcelona’s top attraction. Although you can see it on your own, you’ll learn much more with private tours in Barcelona. It’s Gaudi’s unfinished church and is a masterpiece. You will appreciate Gaudi much more after visiting this fantastic architecture.

Ramblas is Barcelona’s pedestrian boulevard filled with markets, shops, and, of course, tourists. To appreciate all that this fantastic street has to offer, enjoy it more with private tours in Barcelona. It’s in the heart of what is known as the Old City. If time permits, be sure and visit La Boqueria Market, where you’ll find almost anything.

Poble Espanyol is a model village and was built to display the cultural diversity in Spain for the World Expo. It’s a great way to see Spanish architecture or to shop for gifts, but don’t do it alone. Private tours in Barcelona will guide you through the most interesting buildings so you don’t miss anything.

The Picasso Museum is something you shouldn’t miss when touring Barcelona. This museum contains his early artistic masterpieces before he left for Paris. It was Picasso’s native country and this museum shows off his work extremely well. Be sure and take private tours in Barcelona to get all the information you’ll want to know.

Park Güell is located on the outskirts of Barcelona and is a magical experience provided by Gaudi. You’ll find many of Barcelona’s famous symbols here, including the staircase guarded by a dragon.


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